Have a video game enthusiast in your life, who would simply LOVE a themed party for his or her special day? Have you looked high and low for a value for money pack, containing solely everyone’s favorite, Red Pixelated TNT design? If so, you’ve come to the right place! At Pixel Party Supplies, we proudly offer the highest quality balloons to complete your game theme décor, with ease! Surprise! While they won’t blow up, or provide you with special potions, like they would do in your favorite game, these balloons can make for a hit table centerpiece, or be used to cover empty corners in your party’s area! You could also place them in strategic spots, on a larger, game-themed floor layout, and let everyone live out a real life, role playing gaming adventure! Smashing Success We’re confident these balloons are going to turn any event, big or small, to a memorable one! And, when it’s all said and done – you’ll have 25 OF THEM, which you can use to treat each and every one of your guests to their very own special party favor, on their way out! Or, alternatively, keep them all and remind yourself of the GREAT time had by all!

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